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Originals Available

Endsleigh a L'Orange

A surreal interpretation of Endsleigh House, situated on the banks of the River Tamar in Devon. Originally the country retreat of the Dukes of Bedford, built by the sixth Duke, it has transformed into Hotel Endsleigh since 2004. The artwork captures the essence of this historic place, blending the architectural heritage with a surreal twist, inviting viewers to contemplate the layers of history within its walls and surroundings.

Original Oil on canvas.

Canvas 407mm x 407mm.
Frame 520mm x 520mm.

Ad Vos

It's Latin title "Ad Vos" meaning "See what you will" invites reflection on the actions of humans .This abstract painting portrays the consequences of thoughtless actions on the natural world. The juxtaposition is striking, as the canvas itself reflects the delicate ecosystem vulnerable to our actions. The wooden frame, marked by woodworm damage, symbolises nature's own destructive forces. In this composition, the artist prompts contemplation on the delicate balance between human impact and the environment.

Original Oil on canvas.

Canvas 635mm x 890mm 20mm
Frame 720mm x 1005mm x 40mm.

Dartmoor Breathes

"Dartmoor Breathes" captures the essence of  West  Dartmoor on a grand canvas. It encapsulates the region's emotion and mood with vibrant natural clouds and aircraft condensation trails hovering above a brooding moor. The unpredictable mists add a touch of atmospheric mystery to the composition. The artwork provides a compelling  narrative inviting viewers to experience the dynamic and ever-changing ambiance of Dartmoor.

Oil on canvas
Canvas 1115mm x 1535mm
Frame 1215mm x 1635mm

Blue Horizons

"Blue Horizons" presents an Impressionist composition, bathed in warm blues and accented with gold highlights. This vision materialized while immersed in the "The Blue Planet," as presented by Sir David Attenborough. The painting invites viewers into a realm where warm hues blend seamlessly, capturing the essence of the vast and tranquil horizons inspired by Attenborough's narrative.

Original Oil on canvas.

Canvas 610mm x 610mm x 10mm.

Frame 692mm x 692mm

Moorland Sunrise

"Moorland Sunrise" unfolds on a grand one metre squared canvas, capturing the moor in the quiet embrace of dawn. The landscape predominantly rests in the early shadows, offering glimpses of the imminent transformation. The sky above is a tapestry of rich reds, pinks, and oranges, creating a brooding atmosphere that mirrors the majesty and drama witnessed during a clear sunrise over Dartmoor.

Original Oil on canvas.

Canvas 1016mm x 1016mm.

Frame 1100mm x 1100mm.

Highland Glen

"Highland Glen: A Scottish Impression" unfolds on a spacious noe metre squared canvas, offering a vivid portrayal of a quintessential Scottish glen. Drawing inspiration from numerous visits to Scotland, the artist captures the enchanting blend of abundant heather, magical light, and the imposing scale inherent in rural landscapes. This evocative artwork raises a poignant question about the preservation of such natural beauty, prompting viewers to ponder the importance of safeguarding these landscapes.

Original Oil on canvas.

Canvas 1016mm x 1016mm.


Tamar Rush

Nestled in the stunning landscape near the River Tamar. This highly impressionistic piece, vibrant with colour, seeks to encapsulate the dynamic energy of the fast-flowing river and the majestic landscape that embraces it. Situated within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,  part of the World Heritage Site of Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape, the historic Great Devon Consols and it's proximity to Dartmoor and Bodmin moor. The painting attempts to distil the beauty and diversity of this unique locale into a single, visually compelling image.

Oil on canvas board
Canvas 610mm x 610mm
Frame 695mm x 695mm x 20mm

Garden Glade

"Garden Glade" offers my personal perspective on the view leading up to my house from the woodland area at the edge of our home. It's a somewhat romantic interpretation, but it's challenging not to be captivated by the beauty of this locale. Living in such a picturesque part of the world inevitably lends itself to a touch of romanticism, as reflected in this portrayal of the view from our home.

Oil on canvas board
Canvas 762mm x 508mm
Frame 914mm x 660mm x 30mm

An Excess of Man

"An Excess of Man" conveys the dichotomy of my surroundings—a mere stone's throw from the River Tamar, nestled in an AONB, embraced by the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage site, and in close proximity to the Moors. An initial landscape painting, representing the inherent beauty, has been deliberately obliterated by this emotionally charged abstract. It serves as a powerful commentary on the profound impact of human actions, both past, often born of ignorance, and present, where awareness stands stark. The canvas becomes a visual narrative of the toll mankind exacts on our natural world.

Oil on canvas board
Canvas 610mm x 610mm
Frame 695mm x 695mm


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