Take a look at my collection of modern, expressive, and imaginative landscapes, along with my exploration into portraiture. I use different materials like oil, acrylic, and digital techniques to create my artwork. Please take a look around my work and contact me if you are interested in sales and commissions.

Experience my world.


In my landscape paintings, I take multiple observations of a location and then create an image on canvas. 


Similar to my portraits, I do  not aim to replicate a photograph but seek to convey the essence, power, or spirit of the area. 


I particularly enjoy painting larger landscapes, celebrating the natural world.


When painting portraits, I like to take  time to get to know the subject when that is possible.

I prefer to paint from life, however I also use technology when it proves helpful. 


My aim is to capture the subjects shape, proportion, and essence. I hope that t he longer you observe my portraits, the more you discover.


Abstract art poses a challenge. I study a subject and then paint my reaction to it. 

I find abstraction to be a natural medium for exploring issues related to climate change caused by mankind. 


On first look my abstract works may appear to directly reference anger and despair, however I strive to create works that invite viewers to look deeper and discuss their reaction.

On the Easel

A place to share the pieces I am currently/recently been working on.

Durdle Door Sunrise


Oils on canvas


"Durdle Door Sunrise" is an enchanting oil on canvas painting that captures the ethereal beauty of the iconic natural arch, Durdle Door, during the early hours of the morning. The artist, seeking inspiration during the winter months, chose to convey a sense of renewal and hope through the radiant hues of the sunrise.

Boiling Planet


Acrylic&Oil on Canvas. 


This abstract was created by first creating an underpainting of a Mediterranean landscape. This has been overpainted with a 'doomsday' perspective, highlighting the possible consequences if humanity continues to ignore climate change.

Boiling Planet

Mediterranean Underpainting

Venetian Sunrise


Oils on canvas


This captivating oil sketch swiftly captures the essence of a sunrise unfolding over the enchanting city of Venice. This piece  conveys the ethereal mood as the first light graces the iconic location. The artist  captures the unique play of colours, casting a warm and rose glow.

Moho Sunset


Oils on canvas


In the muted tones of oil paint, the Cornish coast is depicted with a quiet reverence. The setting sun casts a gentle warmth across the rugged rocks, accentuating their weathered features. Beyond, the Atlantic Ocean stretches out in a serene yet lively expanse, its  surface reflecting the fading light. Waves roll steadily towards the shore, their rhythmic motion adding a sense of rhythm to the scene. 

Sea of Anguish



Oil on Canvas

610mm x 610mm x 15mm

"Sea of Anguish" powerfully captures the intense emotions that come with facing overwhelming mental health challenges. The abstract depiction of a rough, turbulent sea tossing around a small insignificant boat effectively conveys feelings of loneliness, isolation, confusion, hopelessness, and being overwhelmed.


The chaotic, swirling lines and dark, brooding tones, punctuated by occasional bursts of bright colour, reflect the tumultuous nature of the sea and, metaphorically, the mind. Consider the small red sun in the distance serves as a distant glimmer of hope or an anchor amid the chaos, adding depth to the narrative.


This abstract approach was chosen to enable personal interpretation, hoping that the piece can resonate individually with viewers at any level they find comfortable whilst encouraging them to reflect on the complexities and challenges faced by those dealing with mental health issues.

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